Ministries of Easton Baptist Church

Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday Morning Worship is a time the body of Christ comes together to get spiritually energized and challenged from the Word of God so we are equipped to face the challenges of the week that our adversary the Devil places in our path.  We bring our bibles to church and follow along with the preaching of the Word of God. We enjoy singing unto God from our Soul Stirring Hymnal where our songs are all about the Lord Jesus Christ.  The men and boys of the church come and gather around the altar for a time of prayer at each service before we preach the Word of God.

Sunday Evening Fellowship

Sunday Evening Fellowship is a time where the body of Christ gives testimony and brags on God and how He has blessed them that week.  We also challenge God’s people to get into the Word of God through having a sword drill where our people compete with one another to find the verse of Scripture in the King James Bible.  We get fed from the Word of God through the preaching.   

Jr. Church

Our Jr. Church is a time for all children ages 5-12 to learn and apply God's Word through interactive lessons, tuneful songs, and fun filled games. Jr Church takes place during our Sunday Morning Worship service.

Sunday School

Sunday School is a time where we are taught specific lessons from the Word of God.  It is a time where you can ask questions and get answers.  We have a Sunday School class for all ages and we invite you to come and learn the Word of God with us.

Bible Study / Prayer Meeting

Bible Study and Prayer Meeting is a time that we study the Word of God together.  I believe in taking my time as we study the Word of God.  Studying the Word of God is about quality and not quantity.  I want the saints of God to know what they believe and why they believe it.  I want them to say the Word of God says, and not my preacher says.  The Word of God is our Sole Authority for Faith and practice.  We also pray for one another and trust God to meet the needs of people and answer their prayers.

Kings Kids

Kings Kids is geared for ages 5-12 on Wednesday nights.  They learn to memorize Scripture, earn badges, and trophies for their work, and taught a Bible lesson.  


Teen Ministry

Teen Ministry meets Sunday morning during Sunday School.  Our teens are taught the Word of God and are challenged to live for God at home, school, and around their friends.  Our teens go on a mission trip every year to Rock of Ages Prison Ministries in Cleveland, Tennessee to collate books and material that will be distributed to the prisoners behind prison walls throughout the world. It is an amazing time to teach our young people about serving God and being a servant to other people as Christ was a servant to people on earth while He ministered here. We have teen activities once a month so the teens can fellowship and build relationships with one another.


The nursery is provided for baby’s ages 0–3.  The babies graduate on their 4th birthday to our Sunday School.  In the nursery our babies are sung to and told bible stories and how much Jesus loves them.  

Van Ministry

Van Ministry is where we take the Bible command to go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in.  Our Van Ministry is for all ages and is an opportunity to bring people to church that would not be able to come.  We use the Van Ministry also as a way to reach into the home to try and give dad and mom the opportunity to be saved as well as their children.  We are thankful to the families that come to church through our Van Ministry and we are thankful for the dad’s and mom’s who have entrusted us with their valuable treasure, their children, to teach them the Word of God.

Young Ladies for Christ

Young Ladies for Christ meet monthly and is an excellent ministry to teach our young girls how to be the lady God intends for them to be and be well pleasing unto Him.  They are taught a Bible devotional at each meeting.  They are taught how to be a homemaker.  This includes learning how to sew, how to cook, how to clean, and be respectful to their parents as well as others.  They have a Father / Daughter lunch each year where the Young Ladies for Christ cook a meal and serve their dad lunch and eat with him.  It is a time for dad’s to have some quality time with their daughters.


Young Enthusiastic Servants of our Savior meet monthly and is an excellent ministry to teach our young boys how to be the men God intends for them to be.  They are taught a Bible devotional at each meeting, and each of the boys is allowed to present a devotional in front of the group if they wish.  They are taught how to be the Godly leaders of their future homes. In addition emphasis is also placed on learning how to use common tools, fixing and repairing common items, fixing flats and minor car maintenance, and other common things a young man should know how to do, to have a Godly and successful home.


Soulwinning is where we go out as a church and knock on doors and pass out gospel tracts and witness to people about their need for salvation.  Jesus Christ gave the command to His church to preach the gospel to every creature.  Every Christian is charged by Jesus Christ to regenerate themselves in other people by leading them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  


Discipleship is taught on a weekly basis during Sunday School.  We use the ABC’s of Christian Growth and are taught the fundamentals of our faith and how to please God.  It is a time of growing as a new Christian and a time to be refreshed with the fundamentals that we sometimes have a tendency to forget over time.

Easton Baptist Bible College

Easton Baptist Bible College is a small college where we teach and train God’s people in the Word of God.  We want to train our people at home and build the work of God here rather than sending our students off to another Bible College and build their work.

Family Days

Family Days is a time for our church to come together as a family and fellowship one with another.  We have a morning service followed by lunch on the church grounds and no evening service that day.  We spend the afternoon with our families playing ball, going fishing, going bike riding or other activities we enjoy fellowshipping around.  This has been a blessing to our church.  The Bible tells us to ask for the old paths wherein is the good way and walk there in.  Preacher of old did things like family days to build their people who in return helped build the work of God. 

Ministry is always about people and we ought to be thankful God has a place for us to serve Him in ministry.


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